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Our Mission

Pritty Kitty Designs' mission is to promote great quality care along with the knowledge and expertise in the method of semi-permanent hair removal. Providing our clients with before and after care instructions, and encouraging proper maintenance in order to achieve 'pain free' results.The utilization of European Hard Wax is the application of a low temperature wax that has a creamy consistency which is ideal for extra-sensitive skin and areas where Pritty Kitty Designs can seize the hair from the root with no strips involved making the first time waxing experience tolerable and less painful.Pritty Kitty Designs invites you to become a part of the 'hair free' movement while achieving the perfect results.
Does it hurt?
It definitely depends on the person's threshold for pain but since we specialize in European hard wax, better for sensitive skin and less painful. We apply the wax thick, it works as a heating pad to dilate the pore, allowing the hair shaft to release with ease.
How long does it take to grow back?
As long as we are getting the hair from the root, with proper hair length required, you should notice hair growth in one and a half to two weeks.
How often should I do it?
Every 4 1/2 to 5 weeks, if you want to notice thinning  and softer results.
How long does the hair have to be?
Must have 2 1/2 weeks worth of hair growth, no shaving and no trimming, in order to successfully remove the hair from the root. Your technician will trim if needed, before hand.
Can pregnant women get waxed?
Absolutely we specialize in prenatal waxing in fact we prepare women for the birth of their child by making sure their waxed right before the due date to avoid any shaving due to emergency C-section.